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Grow Your Business as a Marketscan B2B Data Reseller


Do you want to be part of a market where almost every other B2B supplier of a product or service is a potential customer?

That’s the Marketscan market - and it could be yours, too.


Download our introductory guide to find out how you can take up the unique opportunity of becoming a Marketscan B2B data reseller.


Join our programme and you will:

  • Benefit from three income streams
  • Receive 1,000 leads in your chosen markets for free
  • Gain unlimited access to Marketscan’s Megabase of UK Business
  • Enjoy full support from our team of data experts

Expand your business now with the power of data.

  • 4.1 million decision-makers
  • Over 2300 target markets
  • 1.1 million email addresses
  • 2.4 million legally compliant telephone numbers


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