Direct marketing tips: how to get the ‘good buy’ look

07-Aug-2012 16:50:07

We might be living in the electronic age, but we still like to receive post. There is something personal and powerful about having a letter sent to you. You have to open the envelope and engage with its contents. That’s why direct mail still has a place in this digital world.

Think about it. If e-mail has been taking over, then maybe it’s becoming more of a novelty to receive something in the post? Your direct mail marketing campaign won’t have so many rivals or competitors as it lands on the desks of your customers. But how do you make it more effective?

Keep the customer satisfied

Start by asking the simple question, who are your target group? Half the battle will be won by answering this correctly. You need high quality data. Ideally, you want more choice and greater depth from a single source, that offers quality checks and a personal service.

Go the extra mile with your customer. When you know who they are, give them a little bit more than what you promised. Create an environment of surprises, like the shop that gives another discount when you take your purchases to the till.

Keep it personal. Make sure the tone of your campaign is warm, friendly and inviting. That means avoiding hype and ‘buzz’ words. After all, you wouldn’t use them in a chat over drinks with a friend, would you?

Keep content key

Keep it real. Use case studies and testimonials, and make sure they are genuine. Your customers aren’t daft. They can tell a fake when they see one.

Make your copy short and snappy. Get right to the point. Don’t try to be cute or clever. Keep paragraphs concise. But make sure they carry valuable information for the reader, not just a sales pitch.

Feel the benefit. Use energy and emotion in the text. Your customer isn’t just buying a product or service from you – often they’re buying an experience. So, how does it feel? Focus on the benefits it will bring. Deliver impact.

Remember to close the gate

Remember to have a ‘call to action’ in your campaign. This should be an easy way to respond to your mailing. Give the customer a choice. Would they rather respond online?

Tie up loose ends. Follow up the campaign with phone calls. Don’t wait too long, or the interest will cool down. Keep it fun. And if a customer doesn’t buy from you, still make them feel special. Send them something anyway, because you like them. And tell them so!

Focus on friends, not sales figures. Every person you contact could become another champion for your cause. Their recommendations to others will be lifeblood to you.

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