How to do drip marketing in the desert

31-Jul-2012 12:20:44

Life needs it to survive – and to thrive. Without it, everything dies. And we especially need it in the desert. Samuel Taylor Coleridge summed up this mystery in The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner: ‘Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere; Nor any drop to drink’.

When we talk about drip marketing, the actual name and idea comes from irrigation, the distribution of water to needy areas. And funnily enough, we can learn much about marketing if we look at how water works.

Effective marketing is rare – of course, there’s plenty of water on the planet. Loads of it. Water covers 70 per cent of the earth, but only three per cent is freshwater. Even less of that is actually drinkable – in marketing speak, it’s the stuff that really ‘hits the spot’. There are countless campaigns going on around us, but we all know it’s just a few that will hook their audience and bring in a return. Results don’t always happen the way the statistics tell us they should. Why is that? Often we have to literally go with the flow.

Effective marketing is essential – marketing is the ‘water’ that keeps our companies alive in the B2B universe. In desert conditions, we should drink more water, not less. In a harsh financial climate like the present one, the temptation is to reduce the number of marketing and promotion campaigns. However, this is precisely when we need to keep going, and even increase our presence out there in the marketplace. You reduce your marketing when the climate’s good, not when it’s bad. Then you have the funds to pump up the volume in the wilderness years.

Effective marketing is valuable – it’s worth spending a little more to get the job done. Just as water becomes more precious in a drought, so during these challenging times, effective marketers are worth their weight in gold. Treat your creative people well. They will come up with the concepts and ideas that will eventually help turn things around for many of us. Generally, if you do things on the cheap, you won’t end up being so cheerful. Invest in your own marketing and sales teams. They’ll bring in the harvest for you.

Effective marketing is varied – if you’re a creative thinker, you won’t stop at just one idea to spread the word, even if that idea has worked in the past. You’ll have that hunger to try something else. Water is distributed via irrigation, and there are different methods. Sometimes fields are allowed to flood naturally, while others are surrounded by raised banks and water is directed in down man-made channels. Use different ways of distributing your message. Don’t just stick to the established routes.

Interestingly, Coleridge set a new style in poetry, because he started using everyday language. So let your drip marketing flow with that, too! Here are some useful links:



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