Why you shouldn't Terminate a sales call

01-Aug-2012 12:47:24

I was watching the film Terminator at the weekend. This is where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg that comes from the future to kill the mother of the man the machines are fighting.

In the film he is an unstoppable force, and at one point having been turned away by a police desk sergeant, he utters the phrase “I’ll be back”, at which point he gets a car and crashes it though the front of the station.

This in a way reminded me of a sales person. No, not that they are cyborgs, but that they are persistent and they are paid to be.

Many companies will ask a supplier for a quotation or proposal prior to making a decision to buy. The supplier spends time researching and preparing a proposal bespoke to the client’s needs. On receipt of the proposal some clients think this is the end of the matter and that they can now ignore any follow-up calls or emails from the salesperson that carried out the work on their proposal.

But no, they have triggered a reflex in the sales person! It’s not as dangerous as the Terminator but this reflex makes them just as determined. They will want to speak with the client to find out if the proposal is of interest and will phone and phone until they get a response; each time they are deflected they utter to themselves “I’ll be back”

The only way to placate or stop this is to talk to them or give them feedback. This is the only known antidote to the reflex.

So next time you ask for a proposal, take a few minutes to speak to the salesperson when they call for feedback or you’ll be faced with the “I’ll be back” time and time again.


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