The Email Marketing Myth

10-Jan-2012 15:20:14

You’ve probably got some pretty strong ideas on email marketing if, like most folk in the business to business sector, your inbox is regularly deluged with all manner of offers - some pretty sound, others exceptionally dubious - from individuals and businesses you’ve never heard of before. Yet here they are brazenly flaunting their wares in your inbox which is full to bursting with emails that you have to respond to.

It's for this reason that email marketing has attracted a bad name when in fact it can be a fantastic, easy and cost-effective medium for you to use as part of your ongoing campaign to win hearts, minds and...sales. For starters, good old email, (forget email marketing lists for the moment), is an excellent way to keep in touch with current and prospective customers. Within seconds you can let them know about your unbeatable offer, your service upgrades, your latest blog post; the tantalising news on your website that should interest them. It complements your direct mail activity perfectly.

But, moving swiftly on to the thorny subject of email marketing lists, you may have had your fingers burnt in the past by renting or buying email data from an unscrupulous list provider. So you’ve closed the door on this medium when in fact there’s life in this upstart yet!

You need to sort out the wheat from the chaff - the good guys who will provide accurate, legitimate email marketing lists in accordance with the Direct Marketing Association’s Direct Marketing Code of Practice to boost your positive responses and, the less than scrupulous list providers most of whom tend to sing from the same hymn sheet.

  • They promise you the world (huge volumes of email addresses for a jaw droppingly low price).
  • They deliver a dud. Oh yes you get the responses. Hundreds, maybe even thousands. Irate folk that aren’t within your target audience and are left wondering at the relevance of your email.

So it pays to challenge any business providing email lists. Ask them the following for starters.

1 .Does this list comply with the Direct Marketing Association’s Direct Marketing Code of Practice? Are they registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and does the data comply with the Data Protection Act 1998?

2. How fresh, accurate and up to date are these email addresses?

3. Can the lists be targeted by industry, size, location and job role?

It's a vast subject. There's lots of really good information on this website – great tips, guidance and advice to help you plan your next email marketing campaign. Soak it up, it will save you a small fortune and you may well find room in your tactical marketing plan for email marketing.

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