How to adapt your marketing strategy for Covid-19 and beyond

When the home is now the office and the office (and home school!) is in the kitchen, B2B marketers need to be able to cut through an awful lot of noise. The Covid-19 pandemic has touched all areas of our lives. Tried and tested B2B marketing tactics and techniques may need a new angle if

Marketing During a Crisis

Businesses need to stick together during this time and adapt to change. Rather than going into panic-mode, now is the time to plan for the future and build your sales pipeline. Marketing strategies need to pivot, but not stop completely!

As a B2B marketing consultant, how can you win more clients?

In today’s complex and fast-moving business landscape, B2B marketing consultants and agencies provide an invaluable service to their clients. They offer specialist skills and experience that clients often don’t have in-house. Consultants help their clients understand and take advantage of the best approaches to delivering better marketing results. Yet B2B marketing consultants face the same

7 Resources for Your Next Content Marketing Campaign

In this blog, we’ll share some of the resources our customers refer to regularly when creating content—to kick off interesting ideas and check the facts and figures that support them. Visit them when pondering your next CM campaign, and give your response rates and engagement metrics a turbo boost.

Does data make you SIC?

You’ve probably had contact with the UK’s SIC system of business classifications, even if you’ve never heard the word. So what are they, and what’s right and wrong with them?

Joining the dots of your data strategy

Because our clients do marketing the way scientists do science. Test an idea. See what works. Find out why it worked, and be fiercely self-critical when it doesn’t. Apply what you learned, adjust your idea, and try again.

Why content marketing is key to lead generation

The Content Marketing Report shows that 85% of marketers use content marketing regularly with 91% claiming they use content marketing for engagement and 84% for lead generation. However creating content is useless if it is not shared in the right places to the right audience.