Cleanse, enhance and expand your business database with DataPro™.

DataPro combines the power of database cleansing, profiling and analysis into one convenient package. It rejuvenates your marketing database by turning poorly performing, old data into high performing, clean data and identifies where your market penetration can be improved.

In one simple operation, DataPro™ provides more sales opportunitiesless waste and lower costsan enhanced company imageand improved ROI. In addition, we produce a detailed report of our findings, showing the improvements made to the data. The report includes profiles of your best customers, market penetrations and sizes of untapped markets.

Why business data fails to deliver results

DataPro™ analyses your customer database to fix the following problems

Incomplete data – missing phone numbers, postcodes, and other essential contact data wastes valuable time and loses customers.

Errors in data – incorrect and misspelt contact data damages your company’s image and gets a poor response from your customers.

Incorrectly formatted addresses – poor data entry or incorrect loading of data can also damage your company’s image and get a poor response from your customers.

Obsolete data – your customer data may have been correct at the time of entry but decays with time. Out of date entries results in high bounce rates and leads to a poor company image at a high cost.

Illegal data – your database might not highlight those prospects registered with the TPS/CTPS which can result in the risk of high financial penalties and potential prosecution if they’re contacted. This can also be potentially damaging for your customer relationships.

Poor targeting – there may be a lack of selectable data such as company size, turnover or type of business. The lack of this information can result in poorly targeted campaigns yielding lower ROI.

Best targets not identified – if limited or no data analysis is being performed, your campaigns and promotions can yield poor results.