We can help you to really understand the state of your current database. We can identify customer trends and attributes, generate customer profiles and we can then target new prospects who match your best customers, giving you the best opportunity for success.

You know who your customers are and you know the kinds of businesses you’d like to sell to. So all you need is more, targeted marketing data – right?
With insight, comes power and opportunity. We can help build your marketing reach and effectiveness.

Once we have helped you to identify trends and create customer profiles, we can select hot new prospects of similar profiles from our national master database by using our advanced data matching routines. Add this to your own database, and you’ve got exceptional in-house capability. Not only that, we can top-up your marketing database with new contacts at regular intervals to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Why bother with customer profiles?

Everyone understands the importance of data, but not everyone is using it effectively. One of the most rewarding uses of data – in terms of both strategy and ROI – is the creation of customer profiles.

Creating customer and prospect profiles – or personas – can offer invaluable insights into:

  • Who to target your marketing campaigns towards.
  • What tone-of-voice and design elements you should use to engage with each persona.
  • What problems your potential customers face on a day-to-day basis that your products or services can help solve.

The key to unlocking the true identity of these personas is already in your existing database.

Go directly to the source

The first step in building successful customer profiles is to analyse your existing database by creating segmented lists featuring existing, lapsed and potential customers.

From your existing customer list, you can determine what type of customer will be most attracted to your products and services based on their job title, market sector, business size, location etc.

Via such research, you can then uncover common themes that can be used to draw up your basic list of personas. Just as important, you can find out which customer types are not engaging with you based on the trends in your lapsed customer list. You can then either choose to remove them – or better still, unearth why your messaging isn’t working for them and refocus your marketing strategy accordingly.

Focus on your data, not on what you and your team think are the right personas. Your customer profiles must be backed up by real-world data, not just gut instinct.

Hire an expert

Marketscan can work with you by bringing in a fresh pair of critical eyes and analysing your existing database. We will:

  • Strip out bad data.
  • Update and flesh out existing entries and suggest new leads from our own extensive in-house database, Megabase.
  • Spot potential customer profiles based on your past performance, plus identify emerging persona trends that can be exploited by your campaign.
  • Take you through the process if you are not fully versed in database management.

Final word

When creating your customer personas, always remember:

  • Creating personas offers invaluable insight into the mindsets of potential customers.
  • Personas allow you to create targeted campaigns that will appeal to each persona, talking to them in their own language and appealing to their specific needs and wants.
  • Marketscan can offer expert advice and a fresh pair of eyes to drill down into your database.


Our Analytics services can help you with…

Business data analysis and profiling

Our team of data experts are here to help you get the most from your customer data.

Identify customer trends and attributes

Get a detailed picture of the location, industry, size and other characteristics of your customers.

Generate customer profiles

We can identify clusters of similar customers who are important to your business. We compare the profiles of the clusters and provide you with personas of your customers together with an analysis of their value to your business.

Reduce costs and waste

By adding focus and insight to your database, we can help you reduce costs across all your marketing campaign activity by targeting more closely matched prospects.

Go even further by matching new prospects

Once you have a clear picture of the types of customer you like, we can provide you with plenty more of the same.


DataPro™ combines the power of database cleansing, profiling and analytics into one convenient package. It rejuvenates your marketing database by turning poorly performing, old data into high performing, clean data.

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