Telephone Data

Good, old-fashioned phone conversations are still one of the most powerful ways to market your business. Well-targeted telemarketing can create an instant rapport with potential customers and lead to a faster sales cycle. Our quality telephone data lists can kick-start the process.

Our telephone lists are more than just numbers

Our database gives you access to 1.5 million business telephone numbers but, when you do a telemarketing campaign, you need more than just numbers. We categorise our lists thoroughly by industry, location and business size, so you can hone in on the right contacts. If you want to develop your campaign into other channels, such as email or direct mail, we’ve got the expertise and the data to help with that too.

The business world doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We work hard to make sure our data is the most comprehensive and up to date out there. All our phone lists are Telephone Preference and Corporate Telephone Preference Service checked and updated every single day. Needless to say, our data exceeds the legal requirements of the Telephone Preference Service.

We’ve got more than 1.5 million legally compliant telephone numbers.

We can provide you with links to 5 million decision makers for your marketing campaigns.

All our phone lists are Telephone Preference and Corporate Telephone Preference Service checked.

“We have been using the services of Marketscan for several years now and have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received. Our Account Manager is always able to investigate solutions when we have unusual requirements and I would highly recommend them to any organisation wishing to purchase UK data.”

Zoe Sykes Office Manager, Full On Marketing