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Marketing List Planner and Brochures

grow your business with marketscan brochure

Resellers Brochure

Download our introductory guide to buying and selling data with Marketscan.

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b2b data planner

Get started with our FREE Marketing List Planner

Get started with our FREE Marketing List Planner

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Getting with b2b data marketing guide

Buy Online Getting Started Guide

Get high quality, GDPR-compliant sales leads with our online data service, Marketscan Online. Easily build lists of your targets and download records as and when you need them.

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clean up your data guide

Clean Up Your Data

It’s vital to ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date, legally compliant and, of course, relevant to your business. Our eBook will guide you through the cleansing process.

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Q&A for customers

A Guide for Resellers – The Answers to the Questions Your Customers Are Asking

We compiled a list of frequently asked questions around how GDPR affects resellers and clients so that you, our reseller, can feel confident.

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5 ways to increase your customer retention rates

Resellers Guide – 5 Ways to Increase Your Customer Retention with Marketscan

We provide five ways in which as a B2B data reseller you can develop a successful relationship with your customers to increase retention rates.

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how to create an affective data driven marketing campaign

How to Create an Effective Data Driven Marketing Campaign

Businesses nowadays are swamped by large volumes of data, and the challenge has shifted from sourcing information, to making sense of it and using it correctly.

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Buying b2b data guide

The Complete Guide to Buying B2B Data

Discover how good-quality, targeted data can have a hugely positive impact on your sales and marketing, helping you to cut costs and increase leads.

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three steps to elevate your business in uncertain times

Three Steps to Elevate Your Business in Uncertain Times

In this eGuide, we outline three steps that every business can take to minimise risk during times of uncertainty and create a strong foundation for growth.

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Customer engagement guide

Customer Engagement – Why it’s different for B2B Organisations

This eGuide explores the trends in B2B customer expectations, and how organisations can create the level of customer engagement required to retain business in the long term.

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Data list provider guide

A guide for resellers – Will your data provider make or break you?

With GDPR, marketers have had to quickly adapt, conversion rates are falling and compiling data is expensive and time consuming, sourcing quality lists is a challenge in itself.

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Case Studies


Results Driven Marketing (RDM) was set up to provide a bespoke reseller data service to enable clients to successfully fulfil their marketing campaigns. With a background in business data, he knew that working with the right data supplier were key to his company’s success.

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Tennyson’s first campaign was an instant success. An email sent using Marketscan’s email platform to highly targeted decision makers led to a contract with a private healthcare provider in a totally new sector.

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Energy Saving Trust

With the help of a relevant data list of large haulage and transport companies the Energy Saving Trust were able to contact many of them and work with them to help them to dramatically reduce their CO2 emissions.

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Arrow Industrial Group Ltd

Using targeted data from Marketscan, Arrow ran a fun Christmas campaign to build a long term relationship with prospects over time in order for them to stay front of mind.

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Business to Business Exhibitions

Marketscan carried out an audit of BtoB‟s 140,000 existing records and highlighted which records could be improved. The database was cleansed, enhanced and enriched to allow better selections based on company size and industry sector.

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The Health Insurance Group

To access accurate data on potential healthcare insurers, Marketscan introduced our online package called Telephone Generator. This enables users to select and download relevant data, when required, without duplicating contacts in their existing CRM system.

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Minster Cleaning

Minster conducted an extensive and robust analysis of leading data providers in the UK. The results showed Marketscan to be head and shoulders above the competition.

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Abingdon & Witney College

We worked with Abingdon & Witney College to provide two batches of quality data on 2,500 SME’s within a 10 mile radius of the college. We then worked with the college to broadcast an email campaign to these prospects.

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Marketscan reviewed Calor’s existing database and identified two main needs: more precise in-house data and extra records and support on demand.

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Perry Charted Accountants

Perrys contacted Marketscan as they wanted to run a high-impact Direct Mail campaign to gain new clients and spread awareness about their services.

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Targeting the right people is critical to the success of any telemarketing campaign. Marketscan’s data can ensure your campaign is a success.

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