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We offer more than data. Our consultative approach ensures that you receive the best advice and support available so you can relax knowing you're in safe hands.

Consult us today about your data.

One of our experts will provide bespoke advice on your current data and ensure you remain compliant and make the most out of your data.


Our marketing data experts are here to help you meet your business goals

If you’re in search of an individually tailored solution or simply need guidance in unlocking the full potential of database marketing, look no further. Our dedicated one-to-one personal service is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you achieve the maximum ROI on your sales and marketing projects.

Our expert marketing team has a proven record, helping businesses of all sizes unlock marketing potential. We work closely with clients, using various specialised techniques in all aspects of database marketing—planning, profiling, analysis, targeting, and successful execution.

Our data experts offer consultancy and advice in the following areas:

Sales Territory Planning

The process of creating a workable plan for targeting the right customers, establishing goals for income and ensuring sales growth over time.


Lead Generation Programmes

These should be tailored to the type of work you do and the types of products and services you offer to help find appropriate prospective customers.


Market Segmentation

Enables businesses to better target their products at the right customers by identifying the specific needs and wants of customer groups and then meeting their needs.


Customer Profiling

Helps to group together customers who share similar goals and characteristics. These ‘personas’ can then be used as the foundation for planning, creating and delivering a marketing or sales campaign.


Database Building

Building a customer database specific to your business and market can help to give you a competitive advantage, as well as providing you with full control over your data.


Rationalisation of Departmental Databases

Consolidates the customer and supplier data within your information systems to generate consistent, integrated and more comprehensive data in a single, shared database. 



abingdon and witney college

Marketscan were really helpful. They were really obliging in meeting our requirements. The data they supplied was very good and it helped us generate a good level of leads.

Tina Lillington - Head of Marketing, Abingdon & Witney College
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