DataPro Plus

How business database analysis gets you more sales.


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Get all the database cleansing and enhancement of DataPro™, but with the added feature of new sales leads matching your best customer profiles. DataPro Plus targets untapped markets from your customer database.

Database analysis delivers more sales opportunities 

Here’s how DataPro Plus™ helps to double the size of your potential market:

By resolving incomplete data – DataPro™ fills in missing phone numbers, postcodes, and other essential contact data saving valuable time.

By correcting errors in data – DataPro™ finds and fixes incorrect and misspelt contact data which has the potential to damage your company’s image and get a poor response from your customers.

By formatting addresses correctly – DataPro™ corrects poor data entry which also has the potential to damage your company’s image and get a poor response from your customers.

By removing obsolete data – DataPro™ analyses your customer data to find and remove obsolete entries. Out of date entries can result in high bounce rates and lead to a poor company image at a high cost.

By identifying illegal data – DataPro™ highlights those customers registered with the TPS/CTPS and avoiding the risk of high financial penalties and potential prosecution if they’re contacted.

By improving targeting – DataPro™ adds selectable data such as company size, turnover or type of business to your database. The addition of this information can lead to better targeted campaigns yielding a higher ROI.

By identifying your best customer profiles – DataPro™ performs cluster analysis to identify the profiles of your best customers. If limited or no data analysis is being performed, your campaigns and promotions can yield poor results.

New contact data added from our master database – DataPro Plus™ expands your database with the supply of new sales leads with profiles similar to those of your best customers.

Best customers flagged for easy identification – DataPro Plus™ seamlessly integrates the new data and flags those records identified as ‘best customers’.

data pro diagram

Your business data is safe and secure with us

We’ve been working with data for over 40 years. We respect it and handle it with the utmost care. To guarantee the security of your data, we’re registered under The Data Protection Act and bound by the stringent data processing requirements of the Data & Marketing Association – so you can be sure your data is safe with us.