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Use our highly-targeted business mailing lists to access over 3.1 million companies across 2,000 business classifications.

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Quality is our policy, so we’ll guarantee our business mailing data

In relation to business addresses, an amount equal to the list cost at the time of invoice will be refunded by Marketscan to the client on all Post Office returns in excess of 2% of the total number of addresses supplied, provided that all returned envelopes, less contents, are received by Marketscan within 6 weeks of delivery of the original goods. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved at Marketscan. Our products and services are based on 3 simple principles of integrity, quality and exceptional customer service. We’ve been voted the most ‘outstanding B2B data provider’ a record 5 times.

Roger Dawson - Chairman

Why you can trust us to deliver your direct mail data

6 reasons why our customers trust direct mailing lists from Marketscan

Maximum choice and depth from a single source – our independently owned master database, Megabase™, is the only business-to-business database that compiles the top five UK business data sets into a single file.

Accurate targeting and clear response analysis – our unique business classification system and effective use of SIC codes gets right to the heart of your markets.

Unbeatable deliverability – we are the only data supplier with a 98% deliverability guarantee on all our mailing data lists. That’s 4% above the Direct Marketing Association guidelines.

High quality data – every month we process more than 800,000 updates to our database – the highest in the UK. We also carry out more than 40 quality checks on each record.

Clear and simple – most orders processed within 1-24 hours, and quotations include regional maps and statistics to help you make the most informed decisions.

Personal service – our team of experts are here to make the data work for you. They’ll advise you on how to get the best data to support your campaign.