Clean data increases response rates to your campaigns and ensures your data complies with legal requirements.

Over time, customer contact data becomes inaccurate. Database cleansing remedies this.

Business data can decay at over 40% per year, so your database needs to be kept up-to-date if it’s going to consistently deliver the results you expect. We can help keep your data squeaky clean by using the same specialised software we use on our own data to cleanse yours.

Why is data cleansing important?

Incomplete data – missing phone numbers, postcodes, and other essential contact data can waste valuable time and lose customers.

Errors in data – incorrect and misspelt contact data can damage your company’s image and affect the response from your customers.

Incorrectly formatted addresses – careless data entry or incorrect loading of data can also damage your company’s image and get a poor response from your customers.

Obsolete data – your customer data may have been correct at the time of entry but can decay with time. Out of date entries can result in high bounce rates and lead to a poor company image at a high cost.

Illegal data – your database might not highlight those customers registered with the TPS/CTPS which can result in the risk of high financial penalties and potential prosecution if they’re contacted. This can also be potentially damaging for your customer relationships. These checks will help you with GDPR compliancy.

The benefits of data cleansing:

Reduces costs of your mailing

Increases response rates to your campaigns

Ensures your data complies with legal requirements

Eliminates duplication and improves accuracy

Gives you confidence when targeting prospective customers

We bring the industry’s best approach to cleansing your data

The checks we carry out on our own database are considered to be the best in the industry. We’ll apply the same thorough service to your own data so it’s as reliable as it can possibly be. We’ll clean it, scrub it, check it, test it, cross-check it and finally make sure it’s legally compliant and ready to be returned to you in the best possible condition.

Since we have increased the accuracy of our database and become more focused, in the last 12 months we’ve seen a 100% growth in our year on year results.

Dave Spurr Data/Dialler Manager, The Health Insurance Group