The Marketscan Megabase™

We all want to capture as much of our market as possible and not leave untapped opportunities to be exploited by the competition.

That’s why, when searching for sales leads, it’s vital to get maximum market coverage. Unfortunately, no database from any single supplier, however big they are, is a complete list of UK businesses and the quality varies too.

To meet the needs of marketers, Marketscan has developed a unique multi-sourced database of UK Business. It’s called The Marketscan Megabase™. This definitive database has earned an enviable reputation for coverage and quality due to its unique method of construction and updating.

This uniqueness is not available from any other supplier in the UK.

A Unique Marketing Resource

Maximum coverage is assured by combining the data from the five top UK sources and quality is enhanced by using the most recent data where there is duplication. Every record is then subjected to a range of checks and corrective actions to give a reference file of outstanding coverage and quality.

Below lists just a few of the 40 quality checks applied to each record in Megabase™ every month.

  • Each address is run against the latest Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) and corrections made where necessary.
  • The lengths of Address Lines 1 and 2 are balanced to give a professional appearance on the envelope.
  • The data in the telephone number field is formatted correctly with the area code separated from the number.
  • Detailed business classifications are matched to a SIC code, which is then added to the record to improve selection capability. We also add our own unique business classification code, which is more comprehensive than SIC codes or directory coding systems.
  • The entire database is de-duplicated to in-house standards, which have been developed from years of database experience. This ensures the retention of the maximum number of records with virtually no duplicate entries.
  • A unique identification number is generated for each record.
  • The entire database is checked against the Telephone Preference and Corporate Telephone Preference Registers on a daily basis.

Great Value

In addition to the marketing benefits of using multi-sourced data, our customers get exceptional value for money as even with the data enhancement and extra quality checks, prices are comparable with those of leading single-source suppliers. We are so confident of the quality of our data that all supplies are covered by a Marketscan warranty:

  • 98% deliverability warranty on all postal data
  • 90% deliverability warranty on all email data

At The Heart of What We Do

Whether it’s listed for sales leads, database building, cleaning, enhancement or a special project, the quality and coverage of Megabase™ data is paramount – it’s at the core of all Marketscan services.

How Megabase is built

Over 8m records are received from our feeds on a monthly basis. These are meticulously blended into a single file, the Marketscan Megabase™, and result in a database of superior quality and coverage.

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“Our Account Manager at Marketscan, is absolutely fantastic in terms of customer service. He goes the extra mile to identify new opportunities. When we need to do some research, we will ask for a few counts and he’ll provide us with what we want and more with a very quick turn around. Similarly, when our marketing department is running a campaign, I’ll tell our Account Manager what we’re looking for and he says things like ‘this is good, but why not try this instead’. It’s very helpful and it’s the reason we go back to Marketscan each time.”

Paul Nealon - Calor’s Strategic Planning Analyst
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