Arrow Industrial Group Ltd

Using targeted data from Marketscan, Arrow ran a fun Christmas campaign to build a long term relationship with prospects over time in order for them to stay front of mind.

A Turkey is Not Just for Christmas

Welcome to centre stage – the turkey. The whipping boy for Christmas jokes and favoured by many as the festive dinner of choice. However the turkey is so much more and can even help build a business, with the help of a little data of course.  Arrow Industrial Doors sells, well, industrial doors; the type you’d find on factories, storage units and transport depots. This is not an everyday sale so in order to stay front of mind Arrow needs to stay in touch with their potential prospects on an ongoing basis. Even then, their potential customers do not want to be bombarded by news and information about doors.

Arrow decided to develop a fun online game for Christmas that they could send out via email to amuse people who were on the wind down to the holidays. The game starred our Christmas poster boy, the turkey, and players had the chance to shoot the little fella creating lots of sound effects and fun. The email game and campaign was a hit, and because it was different to the normal email we all receive, prospects signed up for more amusing content as well as some occasional information about the industrial doors that Arrow sells.

This real life evidences:

  • Using data to build a long term relationship with prospects over time in order for them to stay front of mind.
  • Building a prospect database with an on going content campaign
  • Using data to engage customers and not to sell to them

The prospect data they used went right to the heart of their target audience and Arrow went right to each of their hearts with a fun and amusing content campaign for the Christmas season. The Christmas turkey has allowed them to build an ongoing relationship with prospects without having to rely on mere sales messages to win hearts and minds. And no real turkeys were harmed in the process!