Perry Charted Accountants

Perrys contacted Marketscan as they wanted to run a high-impact Direct Mail campaign to gain new clients and spread awareness about their services.


Perrys is a thriving firm of chartered accountants with six branches throughout London and the South-East. When they were reappraising their marketing strategy, they enlisted the help of Marketscan.

One of the problems that Perrys had experienced with their previous direct mail programme was very low responses despite high-quality enclosures – the unfortunate but inevitable consequence of a poor quality B2B list. The number of gone aways and incorrect addresses from each direct mail campaign had climbed to an unacceptable 25%.


Looking at each campaign objectively it was apparent that the medium of communication (direct mail) was perfect for brokering an introduction into what Perrys could offer their B2B audience. The message: “have an informal chat with us if you are looking for a proactive accountant that does more than count beans,” was perfect too. However, no amount of relevant, charming and targeted marketing can make up for a list that comprises of a large element of inaccurate and incomplete data.

And so with their existing prospect list woefully out of date Perrys enlisted the professional services of Marketscan in order to build a brand-new prospect list.

How we helped

As a team we spent many hours analysing and whittling down the data to arrive at a list that comprised of only the sectors that Perrys wanted to target, with the prospects located within a close radius of each Perrys’ branch. We also supplied the full name of the decision-maker for over 80% of the targeted prospects on the list. We ran the list against Perrys’ client list to ensure that clients were not being inadvertently mailed as prospects.

Client benefits

Armed with a new list of very carefully chosen prospects, the first mailshot went out in January of this year. It comprised a letter with a very nice calendar. The response was fantastic and has generated an initial level of business of £22,000. The number of gone aways was within the Marketscan 2% guarantee. Additionally, we were told by Perrys that each branch was experiencing ‘exceptional levels of requests for meetings’ from businesses that had been targeted with the mailshot.

To date 20 brand-new high-value clients have instructed Perrys as their new accountant as a direct consequence of receiving the calendar mailshot. The number is growing each week.

Solutions used

Highly targeted and up-to-date business prospect lists