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Business to Business Exhibitions (BtoB) creates and delivers business support projects and events for a range of regional and national clients. BtoB is a niche business services organisation that helps small businesses to grow and large businesses to foster new suppliers in their supply chain. BtoB clients win an average of £20,000 of new business for £1,000 invested. A key component in the success of BtoB‟s projects is its ability to effectively target new business prospects and manage its own customer databases.


BtoB required two database services to help win more business: better quality marketing data on existing customers and new lists of prospects in different areas and industries. The data needed to be targeted, responsive, cost effective and precise. 

How we helped

Marketscan carried out an audit of BtoB‟s 140,000 existing records and highlighted which records could be improved. The database was cleansed, enhanced and enriched to allow better selections based on company size and industry sector. This audit is now provided by Marketscan on an annual basis. It allows BtoB to:

  • Target marketing campaigns more precisely

  • Improve the repeat rate and spend levels of current customers

  • Save on campaign costs

  • Improve response rates

  • Enable clients to 'buy into' the data for their own campaigns

Marketscan also now supplies marketing data on a regular basis, providing targeted lists of new prospects matched to BtoB‟s selection criteria from its database of 2.2 million companies, 3.5 million contacts and 0.5 million email addresses. This prospect data is updated every month to allow BtoB to target companies by size, sector and area

Client benefits

As well as providing better quality data, Marketscan achieved a “great turnaround time”, allowing BtoB to make significant savings on campaign costs while providing a platform for continued growth in the SME market.

Ian Heptonstall, Managing Director of BtoB, said: “After extensive testing of response rates against Marketscan‟s big name rivals, their data consistently outperformed the others. As a result we have developed an extremely close partnership with the Marketscan team. Since formalizing this partnership we have grown 20 per cent year on year and great quality data has been an important element in this growth.”

BtoB‟s clients are also benefiting. “A number of our clients buy into our data. With Marketscan we can provide a breakdown for each client by, for example, geographic area. Our clients find this invaluable and the team at Marketscan is always on hand to help and provide an excellent level of customer service,” Ian Heptonstall added.

Solutions used

Database Cleansing