Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and also supply a number of other energy related products and services. A household name, Calor’s market is huge but highly diverse; there are more than 2,500 different applications of LPG alone. Targeting different end users in three markets requires real precision.


With customers ranging from a private individual having a barbecue to some of the largest agricultural companies in the UK, Calor needs to be highly selective in its approach to marketing. This requires data which is not only accurate but also highly comprehensive and flexible enough for successful ad hoc email, postal and telesales campaigns. 

How we helped

Marketscan reviewed Calor’s existing database and identified two main needs: more precise in-house data and extra records and support on demand. The first step was to clean up and enhance Calor’s customer database. Marketscan added new categories such as industry codes and number of employees, enabling the data to be segmented vertically. The second step was to provide new records specifically selected for each new ad hoc campaign. Marketscan de-duped Calor’s records against its own to improve the quantity, quality and precision of records available for each campaign. This enhanced Calor’s LPG marketing campaigns as well as identifying quality leads in the LNG and solid fuel markets in support of Calor’s diversification strategy.

Client benefits

Calor can be confident its ad hoc campaigns will be targeted effectively, but the benefits of working with Marketscan go much further. Paul Nealon, Calor’s Strategic Planning Analyst, said: “Marketscan’s account manager, Daryl Jay, is absolutely fantastic in terms of customer service. Daryl goes the extra mile to identify new opportunities. When we need to do some research, we will ask for a few counts and he’ll provide us with what we want and more. Similarly, when our marketing department is running a campaign, I’ll tell Daryl what we’re looking for and he says things like ‘this is good, but why not try this instead’. It’s very helpful and it’s the reason we go back to Marketscan each time.”

Solutions used

Database Cleansing
Vertical segmenting