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Love them or hate them, we need those big articulated trucks on our roads. From fresh fruit to furniture they deliver most of the products we buy on a regular basis. They feed our supermarkets and stores across every inch of the UK and beyond and deliver day and night 364 days of the year. Without those trucks and their drivers our shelves would be empty and life would be that little bit harder.

However, this convenience comes at a price as road freight contributes significantly to our CO2 emissions every year. The Energy Saving Trust is an organisation that helps business and government to save energy through impartial advice, research and inspiring energy efficiency programmes and policies. With the help of a relevant data list of large haulage and transport companies they were able to contact many of them and work with them to help them to dramatically reduce their CO2 emissions. Changes included proper delivery route mapping, driver education to introduce smarter driving techniques and work to develop bio diesel fuel blending.

We all need to do our bit for the environment and by delivering the right data to organisations we hope we can go a little way to sustaining the planet.

This real life story evidences:

  • The impact of getting the right message to the right person

  •  How well structured campaigns can fundamentally impact the world we live in.

  •  Making data work

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