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A division of Warner Brothers, Filmbank Distributors is the UK’s largest non-theatrical licensing body with a library of over 7,000 titles stretching back to the 1930s. The company regularly targets tens of thousands of contacts in order to sell licences for group screenings in schools, colleges and other private venues.


For each direct marketing campaign, Filmbank needs to be sure that its data is of the highest quality and that its mailings are effective and go out within measured time frames. It is vital that any discrepancies in data are picked up and rectified prior to mailing.

How we helped

Marketscan has successfully fulfilled several campaigns for Filmbank over the past three years, including the laser printing of letters and mailing of brochures and other information. On each occasion, Marketscan provided a bespoke service including:

  • Mailing and fulfilment of highly segmented educational data provided by Filmbank, targeted at contacts within each Local Education Authority

  • Selection and acquisition of additional prospect data from Marketscan’s own Megabase™ file, which was subsequently mailed to the standard Filmbank fulfilment requisite

Client benefits

The mailings succeeded in reaching up to 25,000 contacts at a time, encouraging customers across the UK to buy or renew licences. As a result, Filmbank has maintained its position as a leading supplier of films for use outside the home and cinema. As well as prompt service, Filmbank has benefited from Marketscan’s attention to detail to ensure the accuracy and integrity of its data.

Solutions used

Data Acquisition
Mailing & Fulfilment