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The secret to being the data supplier of choice is to consistently outperform the competition. Marketscan's ability to do just that was put to the test by longstanding client Minster Cleaning Services, the office and commercial cleaning business with a network of franchised branches across the UK.

Minster conducted an extensive and robust analysis of leading data providers in the UK. The results showed Marketscan to be head and shoulders above the competition.


Marketscan has been working with Minster Cleaning Services and its franchisees for many years. The collaboration has produced significant results, in particular with the targeting of key vertical sectors. However, in 2013, as part of a company-wide review, Minster decided to find out if Marketscan really is the best data provider in the market.

The cleaning franchise conducted a structured trial of data specialists to compare the total number of available records, recency of records, response rates, bounces, duplications, accuracy and cost. Softer performance indicators were also measured such as how easy the companies were to deal with.

How we helped

Marketscan responded promptly and accurately, demonstrating the ability to match data and provide it in exactly the form required. Marketscan had the lowest number of bounces from mailings sent using the data provided for the trial. In addition, Minster couldn't find a single duplicate in the Marketscan data supplied for the trial. Marketscan had the highest number of records under 12 months available and, unlike some of the other participating data suppliers, Marketscan provided the exact number of people in each company rather than simply a band.

Client benefits

Paul Stairmand, Minster's Marketing Manager, said: "We carried out a robust analysis of data suppliers and Marketscan came out clearly on top. The data they provided generated the lowest percentage of returned mail from mailings sent during the trial activity. This is an important key performance indicator for us as the cost implications can be significant. Marketscan's speed of response is brilliant and they are very good at liaising directly with our franchise network. Our Marketscan account manager, Simon Deakin, is a really nice person to do business with. Simon has gone the extra mile to attend company meetings and provide support."

Solutions used

Detailed business data to improve targeting
Highly focused mailing
Zero duplication and very low “bounces”
CRM support