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Data. It’s more than just numbers and letters to us.

The right data holds immense potential for your business, as it paves a direct path to the specific customers you’re seeking. To truly grasp the significance of this, consider that if your data provider genuinely cares about understanding your target audience, you’re already halfway to success. Combine this level of care with over 37 years of experience and unparalleled targeting capabilities, and you’ll quickly realize why Marketscan stands out as the most exceptional B2B data provider in the market.

We have a profound understanding of the crucial necessity for your campaign to effectively connect with the right individuals, as cost-effectiveness hinges on this factor. Our independence is a pivotal advantage in this regard. Because we aren’t tied to any vendors, we can dedicate our efforts exclusively to securing the best data for all our clients. Moreover, our data is genuinely unique, sourced from a diverse range of origins that you won’t find compiled into a single file anywhere else.

At Marketscan, we take great pride in our achievements. We’ve built our products and services upon three fundamental principles: integrity, quality, and delivering exceptional customer service. Notably, we’ve earned the title of the ‘most outstanding B2B data provider’ a remarkable five times.

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Not all data providers are the same. We pride ourselves on our integrity, market-leading quality, and a gold standard of personal one-to-one service.

We offer integrity and experience
Founded in 1982 in Chichester, West Sussex, Marketscan has continuously delivered quality data solutions. We are an independent company and diligently strive to meet our customers’ demands, which has fortified our strength. We take pride in being the best at what we do.

Market-leading quality through technical innovation

The key to our success lies in our unique multisource approach to developing our business database, Megabase™. This exceptional UK business database provides us with a competitive advantage. It stands out as the sole B2B database that integrates five leading UK data sources into one meticulously blended file, specifically targeting 4.1 million decision makers.

Moreover, we offer an industry-leading deliverability warranty of 98% on company names and addresses, surpassing the Direct Marketing Association’s recommendation by 4%. Additionally, our email deliverability warranty stands at an impressive 90%, which ranks among the highest in the industry.

What sets us apart further is our commitment to constant updates and improvements. At Marketscan, we receive and process an astonishing seven million records and over 800,000 updates each month, making us the leader in the UK in this regard. Our diligent efforts include adding new businesses, removing gone-aways, and updating changes in location and contact names. Furthermore, we subject each Megabase™ record to more than 40 quality checks to ensure unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Exceptional one-to-one customer service
As founding members of the Direct Marketing Association we’re committed to professional standards. Personal service is a key element of our business and our experienced staff work closely with clients to help turn marketing opportunities into profitable realities. We deliver your goals by being smarter than other data suppliers, and by providing even smarter data solutions.

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Our account manager has a very approachable style. He’s one of those people who are consistent… I would highly recommend them.

Caitriona Deakin - Commercial Director, Corgi Services Ltd
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