Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have had to get used to the new ‘normality’ of working from home as the planet fights to beat the global pandemic that is Covid-19.

But, while working from home can feel quite liberating, thanks to perks such as getting up later in the mornings, flexible hours and avoiding the stress of the commute, the feelings of isolation and drop in motivation that can come from being away from your normal working environment, can gradually creep up on you.

Even as some of us gradually head back to our workplaces in the next few weeks, it’s with the prospect of a very different version of normality, so it’s vital to be proactive about how the changes might affect your team.

Every team member counts

Most humans thrive on social interaction. And when this quickly became in short supply earlier in the year, because of social distancing, many found it harder to feel focused, productive and energised in the absence of their human support network.

Even though video conferencing has made it possible to see our work colleagues and hold ‘face to face’ meetings, the overall feeling of isolation that comes with spending prolonged periods of the work day physically on our own can be overwhelming.

But there are ways that companies can help reduce the negative effects of working from home and make their workforce continue to feel as valued as ever.

Team check ins at the beginning and end of the day, for example, can ensure members still feel part of a team. Even if it’s just to say hi, catch up and find out how everyone is doing. Helping your team to manage distraction, being openly thankful and showing real care for your colleagues’ wellbeing are excellent ways to boost morale.

At Marketscan, we believe that keeping your sales and marketing teams motivated and feeling valued will ensure better lead generation.

So now is the time to be proactive as we slowly move back into a more ‘normal’ working environment. One that’s very different from the one we knew before. 

Keeping our team motivated

Our team is really important to us at Marketscan as it underpins our service to clients. As such, we offer a series of perks to make sure our team feels appreciated and valued.

You might have seen that once a month we enjoy a Fun Thursday, for example. We have had everything from a vintage ice cream van visiting us to sports massages, smoothies and a chill out zone with jigsaws. Our team’s mental health is really important to us and that’s why even with remote working we have continued with our Fun Thursdays.

This month we have challenged all our team to walk or run 5K and once achieved, we will donate £5 to a charity of the team member’s choice. That’s because we know that exercise and fresh air is a vital part of keeping minds focused and healthy. We will also be enjoying a good old pub quiz together over Zoom at the end of this week with Matthew playing Quiz Master.

It’s connections like this that keeps everyone going. That level of interaction that all human beings need, as well as a feeling that they’re still an important part of their team.

Let us know how your company is keeping everyone motivated during this new ‘normaility’. We’d love to hear from you.

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