Stay at home, only travel if your journey is essential and avoid making unnecessary trips to the shops. These are the three rules we’re all living by, meaning flexibility and remote working are now key priorities.

In this unprecedented time, we’re already seeing a lift in lead generation. In what has become the world’s biggest surge in working from home, the distractions of the office are on hold. Once the novelty is over, we’re granted the headspace to research, plan and consider our marketing efforts.

There’s more time for networking

“Right now, it’s time for companies to share what they can freely, from both a financial and thought leadership, insight and resource perspective. Companies should be opening up their proprietary products, services and insights to create communities and networks.” – Chris Butterworth, Creative Director, Omobono.

Scroll through LinkedIn, and there’s no doubt that you’ll have noticed a rise in webinars and digital roundtables. As I was reading the B2B Marketing blog, editor in chief, Joel Harrison’s insight resonated:

“I spent a refreshing 90 minutes on the phone to a cluster of B2B marketers to learn about their coronavirus continuity planning. I was inspired and invigorated by their candour in sharing their experiences in this challenging time, and reassured by the general sense of positivity with which everyone seems to be approaching the situation.”

Let me reiterate that. A 90 minute phone call to fellow marketers. And a refreshing one at that! Now, more than ever, we are more engaged with what’s going on around us. Unless you’re juggling work and kids, there’s seemingly less distraction at home than there is in the office.

But while we’re focussing on work, we are also more open to conversation than ever before…

We’re not just online, we want to talk!

Let’s face it, whether you’re isolating in a full house or on your own, you are probably craving outside interaction. That’s professionally and personally. We’re looking for motivation, positivity and above all, success stories.

Given that Zoom has allegedly seen an exponential rise in active monthly users (from 1.99 million to 2.22 million according to Wired) it seems more of us are willing to call and take calls.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder

The age old anecdote. But it’s true, and while granted, some projects are on pause and a lot of the office noise is on mute, it’s time to step back and re-evaluate. That could be researching new suppliers, alternative channels and even just catching up on best practice. Put simply, many of us have more time once the initial firefighting is over.

Coupled with the desire to communicate, this could mean you have a higher potential for booking those calls with decision makers.

Focus on being helpful

Whether that’s solving the headaches that come with this new remote workplace, helping the less digitally-minded migrate online, or by making someone’s life easier by providing a stable, reliable service, make sure you carefully craft your messaging. Now more than ever, people are listening but are more sensitive to the content they receive.

In summary…

It seems as though working from home is cutting through the noise of a bustling, distracting office. Marketers are taking this time to reflect, reconsider and plan while business is momentarily on pause.The key is to be sensitive in your communications. After all, if you can help businesses stay afloat, you should.

How Marketscan can help you…

Our free data audit

Why not take this potentially quieter time to reassess your database? After all, you’ve probably been putting off this odious task. Better yet, let us do it for you.

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To keep your database in tip top health, it’s crucial to keep it up to date. You may be aware that business data can decay by circa 40% annually. That means you could be wasting budget by sending campaigns to invalid, duff or even non-compliant data.

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Benefit from our data expertise

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  • Pinpoint the problems your leads are facing that you can help resolve