Get the data YOU want, fresh at the time you want it, with Marketscan’s online data tool, ListBuilder.

Build and download lists of your target markets from our award-winning UK business database.

Counts are returned in minutes and sample data can be viewed prior to purchase.

Be confident in the knowledge that all our data is backed by our top-of-the-industry deliverability guarantees and telephone numbers checked against the Telephone Preference Service and Corporate Telephone Preference Service registers daily.

No minimum order charges apply and competitive rates.

How buying data works

ListBuilder uses 7 simple steps to help you find your perfect contact list

  • Step 1: Choose the Geography - Choose which parts of the UK you want your list to cover either by specific locations or radius.

  • Step 2: Choose the business industries - Specify which industries you'd like to include or exclude.

  • Step 3: Select the Business Size - Specify the size of the businesses you want to contact by number of employees or turnover.

  • Step 4: Specify other Business Criteria - Restrict your list further by applying other criteria including Premise Type, Legal Entity and Branch Number.

  • Step 5: Factor in Suppressions - Safeguard your contact list by making sure you don't contact the same company twice!

  • Step 6: Specify the Contacts - Decide WHO in each company you want to contact by specifying job role or job title.

  • Step 7: Purchase and Download or Save for Later - Your final selection will show you how many contacts match your search criteria. You can then choose to purchase the list, continue to refine it, or save it for later.

“To ensure commercial success for any marketing campaign, you need to be sure that your data is up to the job... and that's where we come in.”

Simon Deakin
Senior Account Manager