Market modelled lists

Get unique perfomance and buying insight for your best markets

Market modelled lists are the latest innovation in database marketing from Marketscan. They can significantly contribute towards lead generation by providing your business with a unique insight into the performance and buying behaviours of your key markets.

How it works

At Marketscan, we're always looking for new ways to innovate so that we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible products and service available. The development of Market Modelled Lists adds a unique perspective to our data by linking it to a special extract of the latest national survey data by the Office for National Statistics. This new system provides insight into market performance and buying behaviour with answers to questions such as:

Which types of business have been growing and contracting?
Which businesses have been increasing their staff?
Who are the highest energy and water users?
Who are the big IT spenders and those with large advertising?


What you get

Firstly, we'll talk to you to understand your business and what you're aiming to achieve. Then we can help you to identify new opportunities by focusing on those markets that are most likely to yield the best returns using Market Modelling. We'll package up the results in easily understood tables and graphics, categorised under the measures of performance, purchases and people. Alongside this, we'll provide you with contact list recommendations and quantities so you can decide if you want to purchase the contact data at the end of the process.


We'll even guarantee our data

Quality is our policy, so we'll guarantee our business mailing data

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“From outstanding user experience, excellent customer service and data accuracy that consistently outperforms… it is of no surprise to us that Marketscan has been awarded 'B2B - Outstanding Data Provider' 3 years’ running. Beanstalk cannot recommend Marketscan more highly to anyone requiring first –class data with award winning delivery.”

Phil McEwan
Service Delivery Manager, Beanstalk Marketing Services Ltd

At Marketscan, we don't just sell data. We help to solve our customers marketing problems by providing one-to-one consultancy and advice. With the right data strategy, you'll get the best return


Suzanne Stock
Communications Director

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