Profiling and Analysis

Find more of the businesses YOU KNOW you can win business from

You know who your customers are and you know the kinds of businesses you’d like to sell to.  So all you need is more, profiled marketing data – right?

With insight, comes power and opportunity. Talk to us about building your marketing reach and effectiveness.

Identify customer trends and attributes – get a detailed picture of the location, industry, size and other characteristics of your customers.

Generate customer profiles – we can identify clusters of similar customers who are important to your business. We compare the profiles of the clusters and provide you with personas of your customers together with an analysis of their value to your business.

Target new ‘matched’ prospects – using the insight from the data, we can help you to find new prospective customers who match the high value profiles within your existing database.

Reduce costs and waste – by adding focus and insight to your database, we can help you to reduce costs across all of your marketing campaign activity by targeting more closely matched prospects.

Go even further by matching new prospects

Now you have a clear picture of the types of customer you like, we can provide you with plenty more of the same. By using our advanced data matching routines, we can select hot new prospects of similar profiles from our national master database. Add this to your own database, and you’ve got exceptional in-house capability. Not only that, we can top-up your marketing database with new contacts at regular intervals to keep you one step ahead of the competition.