Back in June we published our Crush the noise with your email marketing blog. The DMA has now published a full report on email deliverability and it is well worth a read.

Creating a successful email campaign requires constant dedication to understand what works, what doesn’t and why, and with new technology, it is an ever-changing landscape.

Within the report, the DMA has looked at all the best practices, dividing them into categories – Strategy, Technology, Content and Data – and looked at the gaps between, the rules and the actions needed.

They also asked marketers what they think makes a positive impact on their email deliverability and what their main concerns are.

About three-in -five marketers (56%) believe the quality of their email lists makes an impact on the deliverability of their email campaigns. Another 51% think that sender recognition and email content (46%) are valuable drivers.

Almost six times as many marketers are positive about the impact the new privacy laws have had on their email marketing programmes, than those who feel it had a negative effect.

Respondents were also asked to specify the reasons why they felt GDPR had a positive or negative impact.

Those who believe the new data privacy laws improved their email marketing programmes reported better procedures; more accurate customer data; higher quality emails, and increased levels of engagement.

The report goes on to confirm the importance for marketers to deliver value along with personalised and relevant content through email communications. Head over to the DMA website to learn how to make your email strategy effective and successful.

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