Good data hygiene is essential in maximising returns from marketing campaigns. Using cleansed and verified data is one of the best ways to avoid the pitfalls of sending email messages out to the wrong individuals.

Dirty data can damage your business in more than one way. In order to avoid damaging your reputation by using inaccurate data and to increase the chances of engaging with sales leads, regularly cleaning your database should be a priority.

Show that you value your customers

Your customers naturally expect you to get their details right because they are well….a valued customer. By sending a mailshot that reached them eventually but along the way it went to another business because the address was incorrect, you’re unwittingly communicating they are not that special after all.

Your customer database is without doubt one of the most valuable and precious assets you have. It directly results in generating more sales and more referrals from your existing client base. This is why it’s so important to practice good data hygiene.

It can be hard to make the connection between accurate and augmented customer records and more sales. But that connection is there to be made. Building on the lifetime value of each one of your customers is vital in increasing sales and building loyalty. The more a customer buys from you, the harder it is for them to move away from you. But they won’t buy from you in the first place if your data lists aren’t clean and accurate.

How poor data hygiene will impact your sales leads

A dirty customer database is a complete liability. It undoes your previous sterling efforts in converting a cold prospect into a paying customer. Furthermore, it sabotages your attempts to build on that hard-to-attain lifetime value you’ve worked so hard for in the first place. The magic messages within your marketing sink into a sea of dissatisfaction when they’re wrapped up in flawed information.

In short, you make loyal or potentially loyal customers ripe for defection because you’re communicating that you don’t care.

Why you should prioritise good data hygiene

Now we appreciate this may sound dramatic but we speak from many years of experience. On a daily basis, we’re tasked with auditing, cleaning, and augmenting the databases of B2B clients hailing from all sectors. This includes promotional gifts, accountants, recruitment, logistics, automotive, software development and publishing.

Some clients approach us because they are experiencing dwindling responses to their direct mail, telemarketing and e-mail marketing campaigns. Others want to start their campaigns on the right footing from the word go. This is a smart idea because it means they’ll be maximising ROI from day one.

Get a headstart with your targeted marketing campaign

We give back each client a legally compliant augmented database – one they can begin marketing to in earnest. Comprehensive clean and upgrade complete, they now have the most profitable marketing tool in their selling armoury. The modest cost of cleaning and augmenting their database is more than offset by the many measurable benefits including:

1. Direct mailing costs reduce – no more marketing to gone aways or sending the same message to the same business several times.
2. Responses increase – customers are being targeted with an end to end professional and enticing message whether the communication channel is for example e-mail, direct mail or telephone. No dirty data distractions!

If you’re interested in either cleaning your existing database or acquiring a new one, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.