How to widen your net and capture more prospects

Job roles vs job titles. Do you know the difference and the impact choosing one over the other can have on your campaign?

Think about this scenario. You want to target Sales Directors and Sales Managers to promote a new CRM tool that you know will save them time and money.

So you ask your data provider for a list of Sales Directors and Sales Managers by job title. Your data partner faithfully recreates your request and runs counts based on your chosen job titles. The count returns just 5,000 contacts. There should be more, surely, but how do you find these people who you know are highly likely to be interested in your product?

Answer: you ask for Sales decision-makers by job role. Instead of just 5,000 Sales Directors and Sales Managers you now have a list of 10,000 decision-makers that have Sales responsibility but cover a far wider spectrum of job titles. Here’s an example of how these look from Marketscan’s business database, Megabase:

Job Title
Sales Manager
Sales Director
Business Manager
Sales & Marketing Manager
Sales & Marketing Director
Managing Director
Business Development Director
Marketing Manager
Head of Sales
Area Sales Manager
Head of Business Development
Marketing & Sales Director
Regional Sales Manager
Sales Office Manager
National Account Manager
Head of Sales & Marketing
Senior Account Manager
National Sales Manager
UK Sales Manager
Joint Managing Director
General Sales Manager
Director of Sales


Next time you’re looking to promote your product or service to a specific role within an organisation, don’t restrict your search unnecessarily. Widen your net and ask for contacts by responsibility (aka job role).

More contacts = more prospects = more opportunities. It’s a no-brainer.

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