While email marketing continues to gain ground, traditional snail mail remains a much-loved form of communication according to the From Letterbox To Inbox survey by the DMA.

Any marketer who chooses to focus their direct marketing lists on a purely digital solution could be missing out. According to the survey… 

  • 90% of us couldn’t live without our letterbox.
  • 46% of us believe a world without print would be worse than today’s.

Our love for the letterbox is reflected by the 19th Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2013:

UK door drop volumes have swelled from 6.9 billion in 2011 to 7.2 billion in 2012.

 That’s a 3.5% increase.

And as drop volumes have grown so have the ROIs of direct mail year-on-year over the past decade, outperforming email marketing:

 3.4% – direct mail’s response rate for direct mail to existing customers


 0.12% for email.

According to the DMA’s Putting A Price On Direct Marketing 2012 report, businesses engaged in B2B marketing see direct mail as more vital to their success than companies engaged in B2C marketing:

 36% of B2B companies who use direct mail


 20.5% of B2C companies who use direct mail.

Because ROI and response rates are so high for B2B direct mail, marketers see it as an imperative part of their marketing strategy.

4 in 5 companies allocate funds from their direct marketing budget for their B2B operations.


  • As a nation, we still love snail mail. 

  • UK door drop rates are on the increase, not in decline. 

  • Direct mail has been proven to outperform email marketing, especially when combined with targeted direct mail marketing lists. 

  • B2B companies see direct mail as more effective than their B2C counterparts do.

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