Importance of data quality – why our Megabase data is cream of the crop

The data marketplace is a broad landscape and while getting hold of a basic data list is easy enough, quality data lists which can actually deliver results and remain compliant with new regulations are much harder to come by.

For any marketing campaign, results are influenced by the data quality being used to feed it, so choosing the right data list provider is an important step which can make or break a campaign before it starts.

You may have the right product, in the right market, at the right time, but if you can’t communicate this with your target market then your campaign is destined for failure.

At Marketscan we know the importance of business data, which is why we invest heavily in the creation of Megabase – the largest, highest quality and most reliable business contact database in the country.

Just some of the benefits of Megabase include:

  • More than 3.1 million actively trading businesses
  • Details of 4.3 million decision makers
  • 1 million email addresses
  • 5 million telephone numbers
  • GDPR compliant

Multiple sources in one place

One of the biggest challenges data suppliers and clients face is sourcing, merging and de-duplicating lists from multiple sources, such as Dun and Bradstreet or 118 Information.

This can be a costly and labour-intensive process, especially if you then want to delve deeper to pull specific information for a campaign.

And while some data providers might be great at providing information on, for example, job roles or certain business sectors, they can be found lacking in other areas.

Our Megabase is constructed from information licensed from the top 5 UK data sources which are 118 Information, Thomson Directories, Corpdata, Dun and Bradstreet and Companies House. We then merge, de-duplicate and verify every record to ensure the final lists provide a richer depth of information to ensure you or your clients’ campaigns get the fuel they need to maximise their chances of success.

Sector targets

Another barrier some data suppliers run into is that they are wholly reliant on Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes to classify data by market sector – these government issued codes however are not created with a marketing campaign in mind so can be ineffective for business campaigns and leave your promotions floating in the wind.

Megabase includes a much more responsive classification system with over 2,300 industry types – which is more than double the SIC system offering – to enable much better targeting. It also groups together market sectors such as retailers, information technology and education to aid selection.

Compliant data

Data privacy and security has been moved straight into the forefront of business-to-business data and marketing. Suppliers and clients are now under significantly more pressure to ensure they are only using contact data they have a right to use, and that they treat it securely and responsibly.

Many databases on the market can put suppliers and clients in danger because they are not updated regularly enough, meaning they could include contact details for those who no longer want their information stored and used.

We process more than 800,000 updates every month with every business record subjected to more than 40 quality and legal compliance checks to ensure data is compliant with GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

Any business planning a lead generation campaign needs to put time and investment in their data to ensure they not only get a return on investment but continue to achieve data compliance.

We have invested the time and effort creating Megabase for effective and compliant database building and cleansing.

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