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The DON’T of email marketing!

by Julie Knight

7 worst practices in data-driven outbound campaigns. The trouble with email marketing is that it’s too easy. Import list, click. Set personalisation, click. And in just another click or two, you’ve sent a piece of marcomms to 50,000 inboxes for pennies. That’s why everybody does email marketing: it seems so low-cost. But in fact, it can be the highest-cost campaign you’ll ever run.

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What is the best sales day of the week?

by Marketscan

The best sales day of the week is a question that is often thought about but hard to analyse. Latest research from shows that globally, salespeople close the highest number of deals and complete the highest number of sales activities on Wednesdays. However, the best sales conversion day is Friday, despite it being one of the least productive days of the week for the workforce.

Topics: Consultancy and advice

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How to generate more business with email marketing

by Marketscan

Are conversion rates from your email campaigns stagnating or worse, declining? Latest research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)* shows that click and conversion rates stayed the same over the course of 2013. And during 2014, the expectation is that that these will take a downturn.

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