How to Find CEO Email Addresses the Right Way 

You can have the best product in the world and still struggle to make a sale if your message doesn’t reach the right people, which is why in this blog we tell you the right way to find CEO email addresses. 

Perhaps you have the perfect pricing strategy. You may have foolproof supply and distribution chains. You’ve spent time and money creating snappy promotions and messaging, yet your campaign is falling flat. 

The decision makers in an organisation are never easy to reach, after all there is often gatekeepers in the way, and with good reason. Time is precious. 

If you’re worried your marketing communications are getting lost in the dreaded “sales inbox”, read on. In this blog we’ll discuss the right way to get CEO email addresses – making sure your messages get to the right people first time. 

Make sure your CEO EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE GDPR compliant 

But don’t be tempted to take the easy option because companies that use non-GDPR compliant data risk hefty fines and loss of reputation. There is simply no excuse and it’s not just your organisation that you’ll be hurting, it’s the entire industry. 

If you’re looking for properly checked and verified data, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re offering a handy company look up tool to find exactly the info you need on our database (more about that later). 

Identify your ideal companies 

Furthermore, you need to be clear about exactly who you want to target. 

Many years ago, I worked for an organisation that made highly specialised components for a very specific purpose. The product was so niche that there were only a handful of potential customers in the country. A marketing campaign consisted of picking up the phone and calling them, all four of them! 

It was a small industry, and everybody knew everyone else. In some ways, we had a privileged situation. It was very easy to identify the ideal customer because we knew them all on a first name basis. The research was simple, but it also meant that each call carried with it a very high risk to the business. If there are only 10 potential customers and you upset one of them, that’s a big hit to your potential market share. 

It might seem like a very rare situation, but when you think about it, in some B2B markets it’s not unusual. The effect of losing just one potential customer could be very damaging. In small industries, word spreads quickly, and obviously bad reputations stick. 

Time spent on research is rarely wasted; it shows you care, and it gives you the chance to offer tailored communications and targeted offerings. The best marketers are usually the ones with the best information, and we’ve got packages to suit all types of business. 

But what if, when you’re doing your background research, you come across the email address of a CEO that you’ve never met before? Perhaps you found it in a press release or some other kind of communication. It’s tempting to go ahead and fire off an introductory email. Many salespeople do exactly that, but each one is taking a big risk. They are breaking the law, and their employers potentially face serious consequences. 

How do you find CEO email addresses the right way? Use our company lookup tool 

Once you know clearly which specific companies you’d like to target, you’ve got two options. Firstly, you can send an email to the generic contact details on their website. It’s always worth trying, but don’t be surprised if your message gets lost in the background noise. 

A more sophisticated option is the targeted approach. With our company lookup tool you can get the details of key decision makers in just a few clicks. We provide B2B data that’s regularly checked and verified for accuracy and GDPR compliance. Simply type the name of the company into our search facility and you can search our database containing over 5 million decision makers in more than 2000 markets.

This is more than just a list of directors taken from Companies House. You’ll also get valuable information like company size, turnover and business classification. 

Start calling – success is only a few rings away 

Fortune favours the brave! That old saying works well in a marketing context. If you’ve done your research properly, if you’ve identified the ideal customers and created a targeted offering, now’s the time to pick up the phone and start calling. Be brave, believe in your product, and go for it. 

It’s normal to be a bit nervous about taking the leap and cold calling potential customers, but there are a few things that you should be aware of before you start that will make the job easier. For instance, did you know that over half of technology buyers prefer being contacted by a cold call? 

We’ve got a lot of information on our website about running telemarketing campaigns in a professional and courteous way, that wins people’s respect and then their custom. Check out our recent blog 20 Top Tips and Tricks for Cold Calling. We cover everything from defining your goals and doing your research through to drafting a script and how to create proper engagement. 

Cold calling is a great strategy for businesses engaging in B2B marketing. It’s a powerful tool for generating leads, establishing engagement, and building profitable business relationships. How often do you get an opportunity to talk directly to prospective clients and demonstrate your expertise? With direct marketing techniques like cold calling, businesses can convey their brand values with immediacy, understand client needs and tailor product packages accordingly. 

When it’s done properly, cold calling allows companies to establish rapport, trust, and credibility, setting the stage for successful business relationships. 

We’ve been doing this for OVER 40 years – let us help 

We understand the challenges of reaching decision-makers and connecting with the right people to drive your business forward. Connecting and engaging with CEOs via email or cold calling is never easy. The best tool available to you is good data, regularly updated and checked against the highest standards. 

With 40 years of experience in the industry, we have developed proven solutions to help you find CEO email addresses and make successful cold calls. Our commitment to GDPR compliance ensures that you can access accurate and verified data without risking fines or damaging your reputation. By combining our company look-up tool with targeted approaches, you can unlock opportunities and establish meaningful relationships with key decision-makers. 

Take your business to the next level with accurate B2B data. Beat the gatekeepers and find the CEO email addresses you need. Contact us for more information.