What do B2B data resellers get for their money with Marketscan?

Business data decays by at least 30% every year and in some B2B markets as much as 70% a year – so having access to clean, up-to-date information is vital for B2B marketers to run successful campaigns.

Clean data is essential, and when B2B marketers lose faith in the quality of the data they’re using, a reseller can be a valuable partner to help them upgrade, refresh or enhance their database.

Compliant data is absolutely necessary, and with GDPR on the horizon B2B marketers would be wise to ensure their data meets the new regulations.

But how can you, as a data reseller, be confident that your data partner can provide quality, compliant data? How can you be sure you’re not going to have disappointed customers whose campaigns have failed because the data you provided was not up to standard?

The answer: Choose the right data partner!

Customers will often try to drive you down on cost and push you to provide a rich contact profile in the negotiations stage – but what really matters is the success of a campaign using the data you sell. That’s what will get customers coming back for more. Therefore quality, accuracy and compliance (at a cost-effective rate) are your top priorities.

Breadth and depth of data

Our data is provided from the UK’s largest, most in-depth and regulatory compliant database – the Marketscan Megabase. We pool data from the top 5 sources in the UK – 118 Information, Thomson Directories, Dun and Bradstreet, Corpdata and Companies House – to create the most up-to-date, accurate and incredibly detailed records.

Having such a rich resource, we can provide a level of granularity based on your specific requirements using our online ListBuilder tool. ListBuilder allows you to specify geography, business industry, business size, net worth, legal entity, incorporation date, job role and much more. Counts are returned in seconds, meaning that you can respond to customer queries quickly and accurately, plus you can provide sample data prior to purchase.

Quality and quantity

We process over 800,000 updates every month and every business record is subjected to a unique range of over 40 quality checks before it can be added to Megabase.

We perform these rigorous checks so that you can confidently sell high-quality B2B data to your customers. You can sell the fact that you have access to superior market coverage with unrivalled depth, which is achieved by the combination and enhancement of data records from the top five of the country’s data sources – all from one database, Megabase.

Data cleansing and enrichment

Incomplete records, errors, poor formatting, obsolete and illegal data – these are all problems that can negatively impact your customers campaign results. Cleaning your customers’ data and enriching it with greater detail is a sure-fire way to win over any doubters.

If a customer wants their data cleaning, our data cleansing services – using the same specialised software we use on our own data – will clean and enrich their database.  Additionally, our business data analysis and profiling identifies trends and attributes, generates customer profiles, targets ‘new’ matched prospects and reduces costs and waste.

We can help you provide deeper insight into your customers’ data, which will improve the targeting of their campaigns.

White label the experts

With over 35 years’ of experience and the only five-time winner of the ‘Outstanding Data Provider‘ award from the annual Database Marketing Awards, you can white label our expertise and deliver high-quality, compliant data to your customers.

You have easy access to data via ListBuilder, quickly capitalising on an enquiry before it goes cold and giving an all-round better customer service to increase your chances of making a sale.

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide the offline support you need for more complex projects, for example if you need access to a specific data set which can’t be exported out of our online portal.

So, if you want to enhance your customers’ campaigns, increase their conversion rates and boost your retention rates – choose Marketscan.

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