Opt-in or Opt-out – what will it be for B2B email marketing?

by Julie Knight

19 Jan, 2017

Confusion still reigns over what the current and proposed legislation is for B2B email marketing. Our GDPR article published in October last year detailed the planned changes.

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Are you making any of these common B2B lead generation mistakes?

by Julie Knight

16 Nov, 2016

As B2B marketers, we want to generate leads for the sales team. After all, delivering more leads increases the likelihood of winning more sales. Therefore, it's a cause for concern when the numbers aren't as high as we might like. And it can be disheartening when it appears that your carefully-crafted marketing campaigns are failing to make a discernible impact. 

Often, however, there is a simple explanation for what is going wrong...

Topics: Lead Generation, B2B data

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How to future-proof your business with the new General Data Protection Regulation

by Julie Knight

28 Oct, 2016

There has been a lot of information published over the last few years regarding the proposed changes to the Data Protection Act, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This has left many people confused about what they need to be doing to keep on the right side of the law.

This blog provides answers to many of the key questions to help give a better understanding of what you should be doing now to protect your business for the future. 

Topics: Data Protection

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Marketscan Wins ‘Outstanding Data Provider’ For A Record 5th Year!

by Suzanne Stock

6 Oct, 2016

For a fifth year, Marketscan is the proud winner of the ‘Outstanding Data Provider’ award at the annual Database Marketing (DBM) Awards.

When announcing the winner, the Award’s host, legendary BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull said, ‘It’s yet another victory in this category for Marketscan, but the business just keeps on developing and progressing so the judges had no hesitation in recognising them once more. The company’s B2B Megabase now contains over 3.2 million addresses and 5.5 million contacts and is at the heart of everything Marketscan does’.

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As a B2B marketing consultant, how can you win more clients?

by Julie Knight

29 Sep, 2016

B2B marketing consultants provide an invaluable service to their clients. Today, it is harder than ever for businesses to capture the attention of the people that will most benefit from their product or service – the environment is noisier and more saturated.

Working with a marketing consultant can enable businesses to stand out and cultivate valuable relationships that will help them to thrive. Marketing consultants can identify opportunities to acquire more leads and customers and help organisations to achieve a higher return on investment from their marketing campaigns.

Yet B2B marketing consultants face the same issues as everyone else – they need to win more business; more clients. So, if you're working in this field, how can you achieve this?

Topics: B2B data lists, B2B Marketing Data, Consultancy and advice

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How to generate more leads from your B2B data

by Julie Knight

28 Sep, 2016

Leads are the Holy Grail of marketing – everyone wants them but acquiring them is not always an easy task. Furthermore, not all leads are equal. If we define a lead as a potential customer, then some leads are more promising than others.

Writing for Entrepreneur, Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy for NewsCred, emphasises the importance of differentiating between an "inquiry" and a "lead". He writes: "An inquiry is a person who has done something to express interest in understanding how to solve a problem. That problem may or may not be relevant to your product. Your job is to find out if the inquiry is relevant. [...] A lead is a qualified business opportunity."

Qualified business opportunities are what translate into sales. So how can you generate more leads from your B2B data?

Topics: Lead Generation, B2B data

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4 ways to power up your B2B email marketing campaigns

by Julie Knight

9 Sep, 2016

The power of email is not likely to dwindle anytime soon. Email marketing campaigns are cost-effective and have a high return on investment (ROI) when the right design and messaging are used. 

According to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) National Client Email Report 2015, email has an average ROI of £38 for each £1 spent.

While it is not the only marketing channel you should use, email is a vital element of engaging with your potential customers. Therefore, it's important to get it right.

So how can you power up your B2B email marketing campaigns?

Topics: Email Marketing, B2B Email Marketing Lists

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Why data quality is so important in B2B lead generation

by Julie Knight

31 Aug, 2016

As B2B marketers, we want to generate leads. More than that, we want to generate the RIGHT leads, which will then turn into customers.

According to HubSpot, "a lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company's product or service in some way, shape, or form". In simpler terms, a lead is a piece of data: it is information about a person or organisation.

Therefore, when it comes to B2B lead generation, it's important to work only with clean, high-quality, targeted data. The best marketers then use this data to help form and cultivate relationships with their potential customers through their marketing campaigns.

The wrong data will generate the wrong leads. It's a simple equation, but it is all too easy to use data that isn't up to par, or that is a poor fit for your business. So why is data quality so important for B2B lead generation and how can you ensure that your database fits the bill?  

Topics: Lead Generation, Cleansing and analysis, B2B data

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How an inbound marketing agency can use B2B data lists

by Suzanne Stock

23 Aug, 2016

Inbound marketing and purchased B2B data lists are not generally seen as perfect partners. Inbound uses carefully-crafted content to generate leads; with data lists, the leads have already been generated, so-to-speak. With inbound, people have chosen to interact with your company; with data lists, you are approaching them first.

However, the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Purchased data lists do not have to be leveraged in a purely outbound context – instead, this approach can fall somewhere between inbound and outbound marketing. And, in fact, used in the right way, data lists can complement inbound marketing campaigns.

As an inbound marketing agency, how might you go about using data lists while still maintaining a holistic approach? 

Topics: B2B data lists, Inbound marketing

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Marketscan shortlisted for Outstanding B2B Data Provider Award

by Suzanne Stock

12 Aug, 2016

Marketscan has been shortlisted for the Outstanding B2B Data Provider Award at the annual Database Marketing (DBM) Awards.

Launched in 2011, the DBM Awards celebrate the role that data and insight play in the marketing industry. This year's event will see database marketers, agencies, MSPs, software and solutions providers, client companies and thought-leaders come together for what is sure to be a memorable night.

Marketscan have won the award four times previously, including in 2015 – so we will be hoping to defend our title this year!

Topics: Database Marketing Awards, DBM Awards, B2B data

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