If you want to know your company can beat the recession, you should read our 14 quick tips.

  1. Find out how your customers’ buying behaviour is changing and amend your strategy accordingly
  2. Research the market and find what new opportunities are offered by a changing economic environment
  3. Review the products and services you are offering
  4. Strengthen campaigns by showing solidarity with the customer – “we’re on your side”
  5. Innovate to encourage more value-conscious customers to keep spending with you
  6. Don’t devalue a strong brand by discounting
  7. Customers don’t necessarily buy less in a recession – they just buy differently
  8. Nurture and hold on to your existing customers before expensively searching new ones
  9. Think creatively – not defensively
  10. Invest in those channels that deliver the best returns and prove the most resilient in a recession
  11. Take advantage of low demand for ad inventory by demanding more space for less
  12. Don’t forget to look at other (non-English) markets and talk to them in their own language
  13. Measure everything – if you evaluate results, you can prove you’re increasing profit
  14. Don’t be afraid to go back to and change your marketing plans in the light of the economic developments
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