The Advertising Association (AA) is undergoing a re-branding exercise, as it plans to extend it remit as an umbrella trade body to represent the whole of the UK communications industry.

AA chief executive Baroness Peta Buscombe is to orchestrate the plans, which sources close to the AA say will seek to represent the organisation as the ultimate body that presents a unified voice for the advertising and communications industry.

A similar move was made by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising five years ago, but collapsed when the Direct Marketing Association rejected proposals to merge its agency section to create a single trade body.

Clive Mishon, chairman of the Institute of Sales Promotion told Marketing Week: “If the AA is considering expanding its remit then it is welcome news for the communications industry, which needs a cohesive voice and an organised campaign to represent it. We are a member of the AA and will continue to work closely with it.”

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