The benefits of marketing their businesses online are becoming more apparent to accountants, according to one publication.

Accountancy Ireland has gauged a trend among accountancy firms for making use of their mailing lists by turning to online marketing – including email marketing – as a way of connecting with customers in the uncertain times of the credit crunch.

The journal believes that the scepticism displayed by accountants has faded away as the search for customer becomes more challenging.

Companies have been urged to make their staff aware of the message carried by each marketing campaign in order to ensure an effective online marketing drive.

“We believe that central to a successful marketing strategy is an acknowledgement that business is all about people and relationships and that great emphasis must be placed on internal communications and the creation of culture of shared responsibility, recognising that ‘none of us are as smart as all of us’ and that staff can be ambassadors or assassins for the practice,” said FPM managing partner Feargal McCormack.

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