Advertising networks potentially offer firms vast opportunities to collect revenue, according to a report by Attributor.

The report, which was devised by taking a snapshot of ad server distribution across 68 million domains, found that Doubleclick dominates websites with over one million monthly unique users, capturing 48 per cent of the market share.

Meanwhile Google captured 71 per cent of sites with less than 100,000 monthly users, taking 42 per cent of the market share.

Attributor’s report also found that professionally produced content is spread across highly-trafficked commercial sites, with 64 per cent of articles having ads on their pages.

The proliferation of professionally produced content across commercial sites also represents an “untapped opportunity” for publishers to increase their revenue through content licensing, ad revenue share or link-building, Attributor commented.

The report concluded that the GoogleClick combination is an “ad-serving juggernaut” and advised marketers to place it at the top of their priority list to collect a percentage of every ‘ad pound’ made from their content.

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