Spending for UK marketing, which has been significantly boosted by online ad spending, is likely to see some pullback, according to recent forecasts.

According to NTC Economics in the Q3 Bellwether Report, the financial market turmoil is the main reason that UK marketing spending may start to flatten out.

The web accounted for more than 6 per cent of all UK marketing spending in the third quarter and more than 40 per cent of companies allocated at least 5 per cent of their total marketing spending to the internet, NTC found.

But now it seems, advertisers are beginning to be slightly cautious as a result of financial market uncertainty and winder economic volatility.

Chris Williamson of NTC Economics said in a statement: “Marketing budgets tend to be cut quickly in response to changing business conditions, so the strength of the Q3 survey suggests that marketing spend held up well in the face of the current financial turmoil and that the real economy remains so far largely unaffected.”

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