Advertisers are gathering more information about people’s online behaviour than ever before, new research shows.

According to a study by comScore, the collection of user behaviour has hit an all-time high and now, visitors have their entire online experience profiled through behavioural tracking.

The report showed that Yahoo was the search engine with the most data collection points on its own sites in a month – about 110 billion collection or 811 for the average user.

Advertisers say that collecting user data allows for a more complete picture of user behaviour, which in turn improves user experience because more data increases the amount of relevant ads on the front-end.

Privacy experts however, say that people don’t know what information they are giving away and have not given their consent to such data collection.

“When you start to get into details, it’s scarier than you might suspect,” privacy expert Marc Rotenberg told the New York Times.

Michael Galgon, Microsoft’s chief advertising strategist, said: “What is targeting? You’re getting content about things and messages about things that are spot-on to who you are.”

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