Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective profit-yielding methods for UK-based merchants, new research reveals.

According to a survey by E-consultancy, the UK affiliate marketing industry has grown to £3.13 billion in 2007 from £2.16 billion in 2006, while fees paid out to affiliate networks amounted to £186 million in 2007.

Affiliate marketing is also contributing to sales in various UK industries – almost 81 per cent of surveyed merchants said that affiliate marketing can boost the online sales of any company.

Rupinder Khurana, co-founder and director of Rupiz Infotech, a UK-based company which has just stepped into the Indian market, believes there are plenty of gains to be had by affiliate marketing.

“I personally believe that the biggest opportunities for growth of affiliate industry in 2009 lie in the social networking and fast moving consumer goods industries,” he said.

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