AOL’s online advertising platform continues to outperform its rivals in the US, according to new figures.

Research by comScore found that AOL’s Platform A, which encompasses, Quigo and Tacoda, delivered advertisements to 170 million internet users last month.

This amounts to 91 per cent of the total US online population.

Yahoo!’s network came in at second with a reach of 160 million, followed by the Google Ad Network (152 million) and Specific Media (145 million).

“Ad networks have become integral components to the online advertising industry over the past several years by helping aggregate audiences for the purposes of delivering impressions to a broad array of Internet users,” said Jeff Hackett, comScore vice president.

“The increasing ability of many ad networks to target and deliver ads either behaviourally or demographically is enabling a more efficient expression of ad dollars and an improved return on advertisers’ online marketing investment.”

Niche networks have also recently gained a foothold in the industry as advertisers attempt to target specific demographics more efficiently.

The most successful of these in March was Snap Shots Network, which reached more than 18 million US Internet users.

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