Appearance and personalisation are two critical factors that can positively affect a direct marketing campaign, an expert has said.

Patrick Headley, sales director at GI Direct, pointed out that colour, shape, size, as well as personalisation, all play an important part in attracting the attention of recipients.

Writing on, he said that marketers are still not paying sufficient attention to sending targeted direct mail at the most appropriate times.

Mr Headley outlined a number of key ways that marketers can produce more effective direct mail campaigns, including making their communications as topical as possible.

“The facility to produce trigger mailings (campaigns based on specific events) is evidently essential,” he said.

“If sophisticated systems are in place then rather than mailing one million people each quarter – regardless of whether or not it is the right time – 60 to 80,000 can be contacted every week in a timely fashion.”

A recent survey commissioned by GI Direct found that 66 per cent of respondents believe good timing is the most important factor when it comes to encouraging response.

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