Bringing in the services of a third-party provider is never easy for a business and especially when trusting an external partner to deliver an essential service like data supply, cleansing or analysis.

As a third party data supplier, you face a number of challenges and today, simply delivering a service is no longer enough. You need to be able to operate as an extension of your client’s business – a partner who will be able to guide and advise – rather than someone who answers yes to everything, even when the client could be making improvements.

Data sourcing and gathering can be a complex challenge for a business, especially those who don’t do it regularly and are new to the process, or don’t have the internal resource to dedicate the time to do it properly.


More than a service provider

Being able to provide the core service is one thing, but your clients are also expecting an effective business partner; one which can operate as an extension of their own business – and being able to demonstrate this capability is a sure way of standing out from the crowd.

Understanding that businesses want individually tailored solutions, which meet their specific needs – rather than a stock solution used for every client which comes through the door – or just advice on how to gather and use data effectively, will not only help your clients get the best results from their data, but help you grow your own business and deliver greater ROI at the same time.

For instance, a client may understand that they need data as part of their marketing or business plans, but might not necessarily understand what data they need, or how to use it.

You need to understand the challenges these businesses face, and come up with bespoke solutions. For example, this could be: 

  • Sales territory planning – do you understand the customers your client wants to target, and can you help them create a workable plan to target these customers to increase revenue and sales growth?
  • Market segmentation – if you don’t understand the nuances of your client, can you be trusted to break down data sets to identify the right customers and understand the specific needs and wants of certain groups?
  • Database building – this is a cornerstone of any successful, data-driven marketing campaign, but if you don’t understand your client, or their offering well enough, you won’t be able to assist in creating a specific customer database to provide a competitive advantage.

Failing to understand the specific needs of a client means that as a third party data supplier you will not be able to provide the above information and your client will be left with an unreliable data list, which is not detailed or targeted enough and leaves them with a lacklustre campaign.


Ongoing consultation and management

By demonstrating a commitment to a client and their long-term goals and requirements, you can develop a higher level of trust, and establish your own business as a safe pair of hands – capable of providing the best advice and support when the client needs it.

For instance, are you providing a dedicated account manager to the client?

Even something as simple as providing a single contact point to a client – rather than relying on call-centres or voice mails – can demonstrate to a client that they have a supportive supplier on the end of the line who is taking the time to know their business.

Data has become an absolutely vital part of modern businesses but as a data supplier you have a responsibility to be more than just a provider of this data, you must demonstrate the levels of customer service which shows you understand your clients’ businesses, and you must become more than just a supplier if you want to grow your own business and provide ROI for clients.

At Marketscan we practice what we preach in this respect, and choosing to use our services and tools to help your clients with their marketing campaigns means you also get a partner which will work to understand your business – and your clients’ needs – and put you in a position to grow your own business and optimise your ROI.

To find out how Marketscan can help your company serve your customers better, just get in touch.

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