Direct marketers will become increasingly seduced by the advantages of using audio and video in online campaigns, according to one industry figure.

Phil Turnbull, marketing manager at the international hosting company Hostway, has suggested that activities such as email marketing, often using business lists, will feature more rich media in the future.

Speaking at Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2009, Mr Turnbull predicted growth in the use of audio and video to accompany marketing messages, while warning that “deliverability” was vital to their effectiveness.

He commented: “I think video or audio in some shape or form will just become second nature [in marketing].

“The internet was, for a long time, a very static place to interact with. It wasn’t really a very interactive medium but now it’s definitely becoming more and more so.”

According to Hostway, content delivery networks will be required to support the increased amount of rich media which will be sent as part of marketing messages.

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