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B2B Direct Mail – Our Predictions for 2024

B2B Direct Mail – Embracing Sustainability and Multi-Channel Marketing? In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B marketing, direct mailing has retained its significance as an effective means to reach potential clients. With the arrival of 2024, this traditional method is poised to undergo significant changes, leveraging technology, sustainability, and a multi-channel approach to stay relevant in

B2B data lists 10 ways to use them effectively

‘I bought B2B data lists once and it didn’t work so I never bought any again’. 🧐 Does this sound like something you have said? Then read on: It is so easy to blame the tools around us without looking at how we are using those tools, our internal sales and marketing processes and also

Top 5 Marketing Data Sources

Top 5 Marketing Data Sources You Need to Know About Are you looking to get the most out of your B2B marketing efforts? Take a look at our top 5 marketing data sources to help you make data-driven decisions and get the most out of your data resources. As a B2B Marketing professional, you know

New social media platform already has a high thread count

Big businesses and high profile social media influencers have already hopped onboard following the recent launch of Meta’s new Twitter-style social media platform – Threads.   As the latest offering from Facebook and Instagram creator Mark Zuckerberg, the social media platform saw ten million sign ups on only its first day. Since then, many millions

Cost per lead: Why is it important to measure?

Successful marketing, as most industry leaders will know, can, when done properly, bring many financial rewards for any business. But, how do you know if your marketing campaigns are successful? Are they working as well as they should? What is it that makes your marketing spend bring in that all-important Return on Investment (ROI)? Knowing

Getting creative with Direct Mail

Reaching new customers can be a huge challenge for businesses in today’s changing landscape. Prospects are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages every day (according to Forbes we are exposed to between 4,000 & 10,000 adverts a day). Data privacy laws are also more of a concern to marketers than ever before.

Using TikTok for B2B Marketing

In 2021, business software provider Sage taught the B2B world a lesson in social media marketing. They ran the #Bossit2021 challenge on TikTok and to date that campaign has 8.8 billion views (see for yourself).  It’s hard to imagine any other form of marketing communication with that kind of reach. Money simply cannot buy that

Covid 19 Success Stories: Three Years On

On the 24th of February 2022 the BBC reported the end of all legal covid restrictions in the UK. Marking the end of almost 2 years of turmoil (the first lockdown was imposed in March 2020). Now three years on, the dust has settled and the business world is up and running again, the Covid-19

What you need to know about high converting landing pages

A great landing page is like your favourite pair of jeans. It should feel and look great, be easy to get into, comfortable, and above all user friendly.  Without wanting to push the analogy too far, we’re going to put those jeans through the wash, empty the pockets and see what falls out. In this