An industry expert has urged marketers to avoid the pitfalls of constructing marketing copy using obscure and impenetrable jargon.

Freelance commercial copywriter Ernest Nicastro stressed that marketers should do everything they can to not “succumb to the disease of corporatese”, as this can alienate potential sales leads.

Writing on the Marketing Profs blog, he pointed out that if firms cannot imagine speaking to clients or prospects using certain language, they should completely omit such verbal patterns from their copy.

“Those who write in corporatese love a paradigm, whether it’s new, shifting, or otherwise and they would never think of simply using something when they can leverage it,” Mr Nicastro noted.

He pointed out that simple language, short words and brief sentences should be prioritised in marketing copy in order to convey messages clearly and succinctly, as longer sentences make it more difficult for readers to follow an idea.

Viral marketing specialist Dan Zarrella recently encouraged marketers to avoid words such as “apps”, “poll” and “social” in their social marketing campaigns, as these terms have been found to be unpopular with consumers.